What to expect?

An Independent Medical Evaluation brings together the pieces of your injury history to fill in missing information and construct an accurate timeline of past, present and future.

The past includes a review of all your previous medical records, as well as discussing the history of the injury with you.
Present condition is assessed by comparing past rest results ( X-rays and MRI's,etc.) with recent test results to determine whether your injury has improved or has become worse over time.
The IMe will include numerous questions about the specific location  frequency, and intensity of your pain. Questions about physical limitations will also be asked .

A detailed physical examination will be performed in an attempt to diagnose the problems that are present and also delineate the nature and extent of any activity limitation which may result from your injury or illness.
All of these elements are put together to form an accurate picture of your future.
  • Who is responsible for how you became injured and what is the degree of responsibility?
  • What is the extent of the injury?
  • How much can you expect to improve?
  • What kinds of treatment will you require in order to reach max medical improvement?
  • What kind of work will you be able to perform in the future?
These impressions and recommendations will then be prepared in a narrative report which is given to both parties. One of the goals of this report is to assure that proper treatment is made available and that any residual disputes can be settled in a fair and timely manner. 

What is an IME?

IME is a Specialty.

The professional evaluation of an injury, its causation, its severity, and its long term implications in relation to work, personal activities and lifestyle. It is an assessment that affects lives, jobs, families and businesses. Independent Medical Evaluation is a unique specialty that relies on a comprehensive medical background and includes extensive experience in the treatment of orthopedic and musculoskeletal disorders, as well as the practice of Occupational and Industrial medicine.

The purpose of an IME is to objectively evaluate all the components of an injury case; including accident history, treatment history, and patient history along with the results of a detailed physical examination.

                   Keith W. Harvie, D.O.
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